"A vast landscape steeped in secrets and mysteries populates the art of Catharina Suleiman.

Through her gaze, the language of the human body leaps to the eye, revealing different forms, senses, gestures and appeals of the soul. Any notion of truism is put on the sidelines. It is important to know of the unfathomable, of something beyond matter. To look for the spans and lofts that shelter being.

No matter how hard we try to return to the starting point of the journey, the experience of being there, in front of the artist's unique suggestions, makes the return something totally renewed, but uncertain. To speak of this is not to think that the texture of her images is only the densest endowments of a marked subjectivity, but a reproduction of certain horizons perhaps uninhabited by the superficiality of days. "(Fabricio Brandão)

Catharina Suleiman was born in 1977 in São Paulo where she lives and works.
Initially she dedicated herself to historical and experimental photography, but during the process of composing her images the artist encountered several techniques that today make up her mixed media works.

Work quoted by Wall Street International as "Thought provoking," Catharina describes herself as an eternal researcher. Each work is created layer by layer, telling stories about dreams, memories and archetypes. A poetic narrative that explores techniques such as photography, stencil, watercolor, embroidery, engraving, poetry and sculpture.

In 2014 the artist began to also devote herself to urban art and installation.

Catharina is part of the casting of Galeria Contempo.

Contact: catharinasuleiman@hotmail.com